Jenifer Goblish
Jenifer Goblish

Jenifer Goblish

Vesta, MN

Professor and family farmer

We grow corn and soybeans on our family farm. I am an active member of the MN Soybean Growers Association and understand how important agriculture and ag education is to our profession. I am very proud of what we do! I am also an adjunct professor for SMSU where I work with the College Now program and travel throughout the state to visit the high schools I work with.

Yes. My husband's father helps out when needed. We also farm with our oldest son who is married with two children. He drives truck, helps with our seed business and is our primary help during planting and harvest. My husband and I also work on the seed business and farm along with our youngest son. Our daughter recently moved home for a new job so will be around to help and our other son helps when he can. The more help the better during harvest season, and everyone helps out where possible.

Photography, Travel, Fitness, Scuba Diving

I have become so much more involved in agriculture over the past several years. As we have hosted trade tours, I better understand what international buyers are looking for and the quality they demand in their product. They recognize the high quality crops that American farmers produce. With that, it's challenging and sometimes disheartening to hear of some of the misinformation that is shared about agriculture in our country. I'm passionate about bridging that gap and providing information about what we do on a daily basis.

I was once a high school teacher and took time off to help on the farm and to travel with my husband who was very involved with a state commodity organization. I then took on a full-time role as a College Now (concurrent enrollment) professor where I travel throughout the state,but also worked from home. I love being able to continue bringing meals to the fields, help move equipment, run for parts and now do the disc ripping in the fall. I love being in the same fields as my husband and boys. We have traveled internationally to learn about international agricultural needs and I absolutely love hosting international trade teams at our farm.

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