Meet Krista Willis

Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located near Willmar, MN which is in southwest-central Minnesota.

What do you grow/raise on your farm?

On our farm we grow corn and soybeans. We also grow some grass hay. Our farm is home to several cats, one small dog, and lots of wildlife.

How long have you been farming/how long have you or your family owned the farm?

We farm on what was my family farm that we purchased and moved to when I was 12 years old. My husband and I moved back and started running the farm in the 90s. We both love having long family histories of farming, but after college we worked off the farm in metro locations for about five years.    

Why is sharing information about agriculture and farming important to you?

I realize as I talk to my friends that are moms how unique our farm life is and how much we need to share about agriculture. I personally love talking to kids and their parents to share about where food comes from and how it gets from farm to table. I think that books, especially children’s books, are capable of teaching a lot about these topics. Some of my favorite books that I have shared with local schools and daycares last year were: How to Grow a Monster by Kiki Thorpe, Tales of the Dairy Godmother by Viola Butler, and Full of Beans by Peggy Thomas.  

Krista presents to class about agriculture.

What is something you wish more people knew about farming?

Regardless if the farm is small or large, most farms are still family farms. On those family farms, we are working to adapt and advance to so much new science and technology every year that help us grow better crops and protect our resources.

If you have kids, what is important for you to pass onto them about eating farm to fork?

My kids are grown now, but they loved so much about the farm lifestyle. I hope that one day they will be able to pass down that appreciation for agriculture and farming as well.

What does each season on the farm look like for you?

Every season on the farm looks different. We finished harvest season in November and started to prepare the fields for this year’s crop. We have been doing a lot of financial planning the past few weeks, buying seeds, planning for new equipment needs, and evaluating the data the computers captured during harvest this past fall.

What are ways our followers can support you and your farm throughout the year?

If you have little ones, check into some of the great books available for reading at home. Try a container garden to learn more about growing food. Enjoy a great meal with family and know that the crops we grow that ended up on your plate or helped raise livestock were tended to with care and precision. Corn and soybeans are in many different products that end up in your home from the oil used to cook French fries or feeding livestock that end up supplying us with beef, pork, and poultry. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions! CommonGround is a great resource, and we would love to connect with you.

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