Attitude of Gratitude Reflecting on 2022

Volunteer Insights

Attitude of Gratitude Reflecting on 2022

As crazy as it seems that we’ve already reached the end of November, here we are! Through the hustle and bustle of the kick-off of holiday season, we asked our volunteers to take a brief pause to reflect on all that they have to be grateful for this year.

We hope as you begin your celebrations you take a moment to reflect on what it is you are grateful for this year. Our CommonGround Minnesota volunteers wish you and yours a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Rebekah Gustafson

This year has been filled with new opportunities and growth on our farm and for that I am very grateful. We said goodbye to the matriarch of our farm and with all the craziness and changes on our operation, I have also become grateful for the quiet and still moments that we can take it all in and enjoy the blessings from the new opportunities.

Sarah Kern

I am grateful for my three healthy children who fill my days and my heart.

Krista Willis

This year I am grateful for my daily companion, our farm dog. She is always close by no matter what I am doing. I’m also grateful for the ability to travel again.

Ellyn Oelfke

I am grateful for the way of life we live. Having the opportunity to steward the land and animals we farm is an honor, and I am grateful to walk alongside my husband in creating an agricultural legacy for generations to come!

Lauren Biegler

So grateful for a successful and safe harvest for another year. Always thankful for my healthy and kind children! Also very grateful for our good health.

Katie Brenny

I am grateful for the opportunity to share the U.S. agriculture story to those in South Africa.

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