Ashley Schmeling
Ashley Schmeling

Ashley Schmeling

Blooming Prairie, MN

Agronomist and family farmer

My brother and I are the fifth generation of our family farm where we grow corn and soybeans. Off the farm, I work for a local co-op as a Precision Ag Lead. I work with farmers to better manage technology on their farms and make use of the new technology tools in the agriculture industry. I also work with other staff at the co-op to understand our Precision Ag program and put it to work for the growers they serve.

My brother and I are the fifth generation of our family farm. Today, we farm alongside our grandparents, aunt and uncle, and our parents.

Baking, Cooking, Travel, Reading, Hunting, Fishing

I want to share our story because there are so many good things that farmers are doing with the technology available to them today. That can be difficult to explain sometimes to someone, and not overwhelm them with information. I'm excited to be able to break things down and help consumers better understand that, with new technologies, the land we grow on today is being taken care of better than ever before.

I went to college to study journalism and got my degrees in Journalism and Marketing Communications. I knew before I graduated that I belonged in agriculture and I sought out opportunities, including and also beyond my family farm, to get involved and learn about the industry in a more 'hands-on' way. I work off the farm and get to spend my days with other producers, helping them achieve their goals in their fields. I am also a part of the decision making process on my family farm when it comes to seed and fertilizer. I drive tractor during harvest and work to fill in whenever and wherever I am needed.

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